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The Matson Pack Dog Training is a family-owned dog training business founded by Zechariah Matson.

Prior to establishing the family business Zechariah was just another dog owner who struggled with his own dog’s set of behavior problems and was frustrated when he sought help from local dog trainers but was still left feeling empty and hopeless. 

This feeling of hopelessness sparked a passion inside of him to seek after and learn as much information about dog behavior and psychology as was humanly possible. This passion led Zechariah to learn from some of the world’s top behavioral psychologists and leading industry experts in the field of dog training which allowed him to finally achieve the results he was looking for and maximize the relationship with his dogs.

Knowing firsthand the struggles that dog owner’s face when dealing with behavior problems, Zechariah set out to share his expertise with as many people as possible, thus leading to the creation of The Matson Pack Dog Training. Today The Matson Pack Dog Training continues that mission and strive to aid the struggling dog owner get the help that they deserve. 


Why The Matson Pack is so successful 

The training we provide is not like other dog trainers that solely focus on teaching behaviors via cookie cutter obedience methods. Instead, we focus on the bond between the human and canine in order to maximize the relationship shared between the two. Once the relationship has been mended, the behaviors we want to see in our dog becomes second nature.

In order to build upon the relationship with our dog we seek to first understand the dog’s nature and take into consideration that each dog is unique with their own set of genetics, as such we take our time to understand the dog and adjust the training to their individual needs. Secondly, we aim to build mutual trust and cooperation with our dog via playing games in order to bring out the best that they have to offer and to show them that working in unison with us leads to fulfilling and enjoyable activities.

Additionally, we strive to establish authority in the relationship using clear and consistent communication that the dog can easily understand. And lastly, we focus on the neurobiology of the dog and seek to help you as the owner understand how the dog thinks and processes information, thus helping you to fully understand them and the behaviors they do. The result of these concepts is what has enabled us to repeatedly create satisfied clients who are able to enjoy the time spent with their dogs. But don’t take our word for it, see what they have to say for yourself!


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Meet the trainer

Zech_Matson Dog Trainer

Zechariah is the owner and lead dog trainer of The Matson Pack Dog Training.

Throughout the years Zechariah has gained a plethora of knowledge from behavioral psychologists, neurobiologists, internationally renowned dog trainers, ethologists, and behaviorists. Additionally, he has extensive hands-on experience training dogs in obedience, scent work, and behavior modification.

This combination of practical working experience and academic education enables him to identify and analyze a variety of problems that arise during training as well as clearly and concisely instruct the owners in a way that leads to lasting results. Zechariah believes in continued education and is currently studying for a degree in psychology. He also believes in sharing his expertise and has given presentations to students at colleges that show an interest in dog behavior and psychology.

Even with all of this he still finds time for his own dogs and competes with them in the sport of Schutzhund, which is a three-phase sport involving obedience, protection, and tracking. Zechariah holds memberships with the International Association of Canine Professionals, the United Schutzhund Clubs of America, and is a certified AKC evaluator.


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