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Once you train with us you become part of our pack! included in every program is support for the life of your dog. If after training is complete you have any additional questions or concerns rest assured that we are just a phone call away!

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obedience programs

Basic Obedience Program

Advanced Obedience Program

E-collar Conditioning Program

Home Manners Program

Behavior programs

Problem Behaviors Program

Behavior Modification Program

Home Inter Dog Aggression Program

Confidence Building Program

 puppy programs

Puppy Potty Training Program 

Puppy Head Start Program

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AKC Canine Good Citizen Testing 

Virtual Training for Distance Learning

Client Testimonial

“We tried treats and consulted with other trainers without success until we worked with Zechariah.”

“Zechariah diagnosed the trigger that was causing Horatio to seem aggressive and quickly corrected it. Zechariah was thorough in teaching us why and how Horatio had this trigger, so we didn’t repeat the mistake. I highly recommend his services! Thank you, Zech for sharing your expertise and giving us a happy Horatio home again!”

-Elaine gagne


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We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our services that if by the end of the training you feel as if you didn’t get what you paid for then we will make it up to you by offering additional lessons at no additional cost!

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All of our programs are one on one sessions between you and the trainer. Sessions are usually spaced one week apart from each other in order to allow time for you and your dog to practice what was taught during the session. Time between the sessions can be adjusted either shorter or longer depending on the speed at which students are progressing with the curriculum. Location of the sessions will be at your home or in a public venue.


The relationship between you and your dog starts with just one call